A Complete Guide On How To Find The Best Dog Backpacks

Backpacks are not just for people, it is surprised that there are bags for dogs too. Walking your dog is a good exercise not just for you but also for your canine. If you are physically active, hikes, camping, and hunting would be part of your favorite activities.

Of course, you will need to bring water and other necessities on your trip. Just because you are with your pet doesn’t mean you have to take on the full burden. Your dogs should also do their part.

Among the most popular items for dog owners is the dog backpack. These packs are perfect for your canine because it gives them a sense of responsibility. 

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What does this actually mean?

Since carrying a pack is a big responsibility, your dog will pay more attention to its mission. It would be easier for your dog to follow the trail rather than wander around chasing squirrels and other animals.

Funny time!

Some pet owners also realized how the behavior of their canine changed after wearing the pack.One other reason dog backpacks have gained much popularity is the fact that it provides a good workout for your pet. Allowing your dog to carry a pack is a better workout than just allowing it to go on a walk.

Tips on Choosing the Best Back

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Now that you know how dog backpacks work, you might be interested in shopping for the item that best suits your needs. Here are some things to take note of:


What purpose do you have for your dog pack? Whether you are looking for something that your dog will wear around the neighborhood or something sturdy enough for longer hikes, buying a light backpack is the best choice.

A minimalist pack would make the burden easier on your dog. Most pet owners also love minimalist packs due to the simplicity of the design.


Most dog backpacks come in different sizes and they fit all kinds of dog breeds. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on the size alone. It would be best to look for a bag that comes with adjustable straps. Of course, you still need to measure the chest and the girth of your dog to get the right fit.

When fitting the bag on your dog, make sure that the bag is not too loose that it will fall off when your dog is walking. Aside from that, you do not want the bag to get in the way. This means that the bag needs to fit just right around your dog’s body.

Load and Efficiency

While shopping for the dog backpack, don’t forget how much it can carry. As a minimum, a dog pack should carry your dog’s water bottle and the essentials. At the same time, you need to look for a pack where the load is distributed equally. This will make it easier for your dog to carry its load.

best dog backpacks

Always check if the straps are not putting too much strain on your dog’s neck. Dogs can get injured too! So, be more attentive to your pet’s condition.


Dog training might be your prime responsibility and concern as the dog’s owner but you still need to consult your vet. This is especially true when you have a senior dog or your canine has health issues. Your dog can guide you and provide you with some tips while you are out hiking with your pet.

best dog backpacks

For those who are not too familiar with the amount of weight that dogs can carry here’s more information. Once you receive the dog backpack, allow your dog to get used to having the bag around its body. An empty pack would be the right way to train your dog to carry it around.

As a general rule, your dog’s burden should be around 10 to 12 percent of its weight. Be sure to get the total weight of the pack not of its contents. This is also one reason why it would be better to look for a light pack rather than a bulk one.

12% of your canine's weight

The load guide above is just a general rule; some dog breeds are capable of carrying a heavier load. When you drop by for a visit, be sure to ask your vet about the right load for your pet.

Training Your Dog to Use the Backpack

Now that you know the basic factors to consider when choosing a backpack for your dog, it’s time to learn basic tips on training doggie to carry the pack.

As noted above, you need to let your pet get used to an empty pack. Some dogs might not like wearing the pack at first but don’t give up easily. It’s just normal for your dog to react this way.

Try to make every walking session short. Remember that your regular walks would be cut in half if your pet is wearing a dog backpack. You should slowly increase the load so your dog will get used to carrying the pack.

best dog backpacks

Always associate the training experience with a pleasurable time. After successfully carrying the pack, give your dog some treats. Ultimately, your dog will get used to carrying the load and this could make your hiking sessions more pleasurable.

Remember, your dog needs to develop the muscles to carry the additional load. You cannot rush your pet to get used to everything right away. Patience is one of the most important things in dog training.

Now Let's Have A Look at Our 7 Top Picks So Far

Traveling with dogs should be an enjoyable experience and it all starts with your luggage. The best dog backpacks will serve as a convenient way to bring your favorite pet with you.

Approach Pack is an efficient load carrier thanks to its weight-forward saddlebag design. This pack provides a convenient and comfortable means of carrying your dog and all the essentials for your day out with your pet.

The Approach Pack's streamlined design and the lightweight material distributes the weight evenly.

Aside from those features, Ruffwear's saddle comes with an integrated harness and there's also a reflective trim. This allows you to keep track of your dog even in a low light environment. The bag is also equipped with a non-slip girth strap.

Things we like...

  • Comfortable for canines
  • Highly durable and made from durable materials
  • Impressive stitching

Possible Cons...

  • Straps could use more padding
  • Some complaints on the size of the bag
  • Adjusting the straps can be difficult to do

This removable pack is one of the most convenient means to travel with a dog. It comes in bright colors and reflective accents. This makes the bag more visible.

On top of that, it comes with convenient pockets to carry water and for your canine. This dog bag comes in different sizes to accommodate your dog. The adjustable sizes also make this easier to carry

Things we like...

  • Great quality for an affordable price
  • Perfect for camping trips
  • Some canines are quite fond of this

Possible Cons...

  • Weight tends to slip on one side when used
  • Durability is not too impressive
  • Some dogs won’t walk too far with this on

Palisades is another great product from Ruffwear. The saddlebags are spacious enough to accommodate hydration bottles.

The harness holds four attachments to ensure stability and comfort while carrying the pack.

Aside from that, it is a removable saddlebag with a load compression feature to ensure that the pack stays secure during travels. There are also collapsible bottles include in Ruffle's Palisades pack. There are also three different sizes.

Things we like...

  • This pack can carry a lot of stuff
  • Packs are easy to remove
  • Dogs can easily get used to this pack

Possible Cons...

  • This can only be used for short day trips
  • There are some dogs who wouldn’t fit a medium or a large
  • Price is a bit too high for the product

Outward Hound is a reliable backpack for your canine and it comes with expandable pockets. The pack also comes with D-ring leash attachments and there are also reflective accents. This makes the dog backpack easier to spot.

On top of its convenient features, the bag is also made of breathable mesh which is more comfortable than other materials. This is the perfect tool for pet owners who are looking for the right pack for their canines.

Things we like...

  • Compact and lightweight dog pack
  • Sturdy enough to carry several items
  • Designed for urban walks

Possible Cons...

  • Not great for long walks
  • Straps require more padding to be more comfortable
  • Ripped easily and not too durable

The Mountainsmith K-9 dog pack is made from durable nylon. The pack has a single adjustable belly strap as well as a single haul handle. To make the pack more comfortable, there is an air mesh panel for increased ventilation.

To secure the harness to the canine’s body, the dog pack has a four point adjustable chest harness and an adjustable back harness for a better fit.

This dog backpack also comes with a D-ring attachment. This dog pack was made with the approval of the veterinarian. This pack is designed for efficiency, and there has been a lot of thought on the design of this dog backpack.

Things we like...

  • Adjustable straps allows for a perfect fit
  • Comfortable pack allows canines to carry a bigger load
  • Perfect for hyperactive dogs

Possible Cons...

  • Tends to be a bit loose on some canines
  • Complaints about the metal buckles
  • Pack came undone lots of times

If you are going to go hiking with your dog, your canine should be able to do this in a fashionable way. This pack is made from high-density cotton which will make it easier to for your pet to carry its load.

Each side of the pack comes with two zippered pockets. This keeps the contents of the pack in a secured place. The pack handles are not ideal for lifting but it is great for everyday use.

This pack comes in different sizes and it would fit dogs of diverse breeds. With its practical function, you do not have to worry about carrying too much on your own.

Things we like...

  • Made with great care and from high-quality materials
  • Adjustable straps makes this easier to fit your dog
  • Comfortable to wear for most canines

Possible Cons...

  • Some items were delivered with severe damage
  • The zippers in the dog pack break easily
  • Bag seems to be a bit too huge for some canines

Petroload dog backpack is an adjustable saddlebag carrier pack designed for hiking and traveling. The pack comes with expandable packets where you can store doggie treats and snacks.

This accessory puts some weight on your canine’s shoulders, and this is the right way to keep an active dog calm and focused while out on a walk.

Keeping the Petroload pack balanced is not a problem since there are three straps that will keep it in place. Thanks to the color of the pack, cars, and pedestrians can easily spot your canine. The material for the backpack is made from breathable mesh which makes this more comfortable for your dog.

Things we like...

  • This comes with a solid base and a secure clip
  • Easy to use and attach to your dog’s body
  • Price is highly affordable

Possible Cons...

  • Large dogs might not be too comfortable with this dog pack
  • Tends to rip free in some dogs
  • It’s hard to find the right size for your canine

Which Backpack is the Right One?

With all these seven picks for the best dog backpack, you have different options depending on what type of bag your canine needs. If we had to choose just one though, that would be Ruffwear Approach Pack for Dogs.

Ruffwear is a great brand to start with and many dog owners trust the name when it comes to durability. Reviews for this product is mainly positive which only shows how impressed many people were about this dog pack.

Although this product had some flaws, it would be easy to find a solution to the major issues raised by customers. When it comes to quality, price, and general appearance, the Approach Pack from Ruffwear is the top choice.

*Please keep in mind that with the above opinions, all of those come from my own experience. There are still some exceptions for some specific dogs. Consult your local vet for more information if your dogs are not in general cases*

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