Are Dog Diapers a Good Idea?

Before asking if dog diapers are a good idea, you might well ask- “What are dog diapers?” They are a nappy similar to a one for a human child but with a hole for the tail. And with the following information you will get a YES for the question “Are dog diapers a good idea?”

There are also dog wraps which are used for the same reasons but are for male dogs and worn around the body like a wide, soft belt. It covers the part that piddles.

Uses of dog diapers

are dog diapers a good idea
  • Incontinence in older dogs.
  • Post operation.
  • Stop the mess from seasons in females.
  • Help in potty training. We also have some tips on teaching housebreaking for a dog here.
  • Keep the floor odour free when potty training and so helps stop them going back to mark the same place.
  • Help when dogs are so excited that they urinate anywhere.

The Usefulness

  1. In older dogs, incontinence can be a problem and they have less control over their bladder. These pads and wraps can help keep the bedding dry and clean. This may be something that the dog needs for the rest of his life. Sometimes hormonal imbalances cause the bladder to be inconsistent and again the pads can help. Similarly, after an operation, the dog may be unable to go out to the toilet and the diapers are a great addition.
are dog diapers a good idea

2. Bitches in season often leave stains on carpets and cushions and the nappies can really be useful in stopping this happening. Some bitches also clean themselves constantly and the pad helps to stop them licking too much. It has to be emphasized that these are NOT a birth control. If you leave a male, unneutered dog with a bitch in season. He will dislodge the pad and you may find yourself with an unexpected litter.

The other warning to give, is that the pads need to be changed regularly as leaving a wet diaper on the dog may well result in sore skin or even infection.

are dog diapers a good idea

Most dogs, especially males, will not like to urinate with the wrap around their body and will wait until they are outside and the wrap is removed.

3. As a tool to help potty training they are sometimes used now but it has to be said that this is not a replacement for house training and must only be part of the overall plan.

Getting it On to the Dog

This can be the most difficult part with the diaper. The wrap for the male dogs is much easier as it simply folds around the body and usually fastens with Velcro.

It is quite comfortable to wear and often the dog will not notice it is wearing something. Going to the toilet inside of the wrap can be quite uncomfortable so if he heads for the door, take him outside, peel off the wrap and all should be well.

are dog diapers a good idea
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If you have the full nappy, it may need another person t help when it is put on for the first time. It is a good idea to have someone feed treats to distract the dog. The process is easier with a small dog and of course, some animals will just hate it.

If you find the patient just will not accept it, then it may be easier in the long run to skip the whole idea. If it is used post operation or on an older dog, they will be more likely to accept it.

Whatever you decide, never force the dog and frighten it when you are trying out these pads. Gently, gently with lots of treats and distractions if they try to chew it or pull it off. Usually, after a few minutes when the strangeness wears off, they will settle down and forget about the whole thing.

There are several good videos on Youtube that demonstrate the process of putting on the diaper. Some of them are here.

There are also videos to demonstrate how to make your own nappies.

Part of Potty Training

The pads can help in several ways

Then you are able to remedy the problem by

  • Taking the dog outside more often- once an hour when first training.
  • Keep the pet in a more contained area to let you spot the signs more easily.


Reward the dog when it manages to go outside and do what needs to be done.

In addition, you can read more about potty training with Havanese here.

For Medicinal Purposes

Some bladder operations may need the help of a nappy or wrap for a short time until the bladder recovers and some complaints mean that the dog may drink a lot and urinate more.

The diapers may well help as often the dog may try and make it outside but just not be able to make it. In incontinent dogs, it may well allow that pet to be around a lot longer with the family as the pad can be changed and kept clean.

are dog diapers a good idea

Dog diapers are a good idea as long as used for the right reasons and not as an alternative to training the dog to go to the toilet outside.

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  1. Yeah I’ve had to use on my old girl wees when asleep a shares my sofa and bed so it’s a must as I don’t want to put her asleep just yet I know time Is coming but not just yet . So nappies it is


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