How to Choose The Best Dog Beds For Labs? – Top 6 Reviews and Ultimate Guide

Large and comfy beds are not just for people, dogs need them too. While finding a dog bed is not a Herculean task, you need to adhere to a more specific set of standards when looking for a Labrador’s dog bed. Labs are large breeds and you need to choose a bed while taking note of this fact.

Thanks to their larger build and bone structure, you need a comfortable but sturdy bed. To make sure your dog will not end up bruised and calloused, they need a bed with better support. We will look into essential factors to consider when you are out shopping for your Lab’s new furniture.

Below is my list of 6 pointers to keep in mind when you are looking for the best dog beds for labs.

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Best Dog Beds For Labs: What to Look For

Size Matter

best dog beds for labs

Labradors are large dogs, if you own one you probably know how huge these dogs can be. Given the size issue, your dog needs a bed that fits its body in a comfortable way.

You do not want your large pet to curl up in an undersized bed –this is just too brutal. While labs are dubbed as large dogs, it may be possible that your dog would fit a medium-sized bed not a large one.

Since each dog is unique, you need to get the size right. Aside from how big your dog is, you also need to take note of your pet’s usual habits. If your lab loves stretching, he will need a larger bed that allows him to do that. Using size as the only criterion is wrong though.

Design and Aesthetics

What does design have to do with your lab’s dog bed?

Your dog bed will probably be treated as a functional piece in your home and if it gets displayed in an area with a lot of foot traffic, it needs to look presentable too. You do not want to feel as if your dog’s bed is a complete eyesore.

Rather than cringing each time you see the dog bed, why not buy one that complements your interior design?

Dog beds come in stylish designs and you have a lot of choices.

Just because design seems linked to aesthetics doesn’t mean you should be choosing a dog bed you’d love to see with the rest of the furniture. Design should also involve functionality. There are Labrador dog beds which come with memory foam.

When your pet is a senior dog or on its way to seeing its senior years, choosing a dog bed with memory foam would be a better choice. This could ease stress on your pet’s joints and provide the necessary support.

best dog beds for labs

Workmanship and Durability

Quality is a must when looking for a bed for your Labrador. Remember how big these dogs are and you need a dog bed which can withstand their weight. If you want something which could last for years, you need to look into the workmanship too.

One big issue you need to address is your dog’s habits. If you have a chewer, you need a bed which could withstand that bad habit. Good material is also a must.

If you have a dog that is allergic to a lot of materials, you need to look into that too. Be sure to shop for a product which will not trigger any skin sensitivity. No person or dog wants to use a bed which can lead to an allergic reaction.


How your dog bed smells is also an issue! There are dog beds with a naturally awful smell. Remember dogs are more sensitive to scents than humans. If you hate the way the dog bed smells, your dog might feel your pain a few times over. Plus, you do not want a smelly thing inside your home.

Chemicals used to make the dog bed are to blame for this smell. When you buy a bed, be sure to put your olfactory skills to action or read what testimonials have to say. A stinky smell would definitely be listed in a review, so do some digging.

best dog beds for labs

Removable Covers

When shopping for a lab dog bed, choosing one with a removable cover can save you from a lot of headaches. Labradors love rolling around in the dirt. When they go from the ground to their sleeping area and decide to roll in their bed, their furniture will be dirty too.

When you have a removable cover, you do not need to wash the entire dog bed. You can just take the cover off and wash it. Going for a waterproof cover is even better since you do not have to worry if the dog bed got wet.


This is something you have to be keen about when shopping for a dog bed. Look into the warranty offered by the manufacturer. This could show how confident a company is about the product they are offering.

While the warranty period should not substitute other standards, it does matter a lot. Always read the reviews though to know if the company honors their warranty. Plus, always read the fine print to know what the warranty covers.

Now Let’s Have A Look at Our 6 Top Picks So Far

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top – Available in Large, XL, Giant XXL for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs

This dog bed is designed for large dogs. In fact, it is just too powerful when you have a smaller canine. Equipped with orthopedic foam, this dog bed would provide the necessary support for a Labrador’s large built.

This dog bed comes in three sizes: large, XL, and Giant XXL. Given the size options, there’s no denying this one is meant for large breeds. The manufacturer claims the dog bed should retain 90 percent of its original shape for a decade or you can have your money back.

best dog beds for labs

Made and manufactured in the United States, the company has a small workshop in California. Since only the foam with the best quality is used, the dog bed should retain its shape as promised.

This dog bed can be machine washed. Plus, the covers are made from 100 percent microfiber so it is soft to the touch.

Things we like…

  • Great for older dogs requiring joint support
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Designed for giant dog breeds

Possible Cons…

  • Has a steep price
  • Bed can be a bit too warm during the summer months
  • Users who did not wash the cover before using it noticed the dye transfer from the bed to their floor

Dogbed4less Memory Foam, Waterproof, Durable Blue Denim Cover

Orthopedic memory foam dog beds are quite the thing these days when you want your Labrador to rest in a comfortable position. The luxurious feeling will leave your canine feeling cozy in no time.

What we love about this product is the cover. It has a heavy duty external cover made from washable denim and a waterproof internal cover. Knowing how Labradors love to get dirty and playful when they are in the mood, these features are useful.

This dog bed uses memory foam so you can rest assured that your Labrador will get the necessary joint support. When you have a senior Lab at home, this dog bed would be better for their joints especially when they suffer from arthritis.

With normal dog beds, Labradors get up feeling stiff but that is not the case for this one.

Things we like…

  • The bed covers are easy to clean
  • Dogs are not restless when sleeping in this bed
  • Doesn’t sag even when you have a heavyweight
  • Best material to provide many years of comfort and durability

Possible Cons…

  • Stinky at first but the smell improves after washing and airing
  • Some dogs developed an unwanted scent
  • Buyers have the initial impression that the inner lining looks a bit flimsy

Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

This dog bed comes with a suede cover and a four-inch memory foam. This product is great for aging dogs and for Labradors in general since it provides the necessary support.

Since it makes use of memory foam, you do not have to worry about sagging which is the most common complaint with regular dog beds.

This Labrador dog bed meets the basic criteria most dog owners have when it comes to choosing their pet’s sleeping surface. It has a washable cover and a non-slip rubber bottom which allows pets to snooze away. Whether your dog is struggling with arthritis or hip dysplasia, this could ease the discomfort.

This dog bed comes in different sizes too. The suede surface is hypoallergenic so even your dog is sensitive, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Things we like…

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Perfect for almost every kind of large dog breed
  • Provides sufficient room to stretch

Possible Cons…

  • Cover zipper got detached after a few washings
  • Flimsy cover got ripped after washing for the first time
  • Inconsistent quality for dog beds

Happy Hounds Oscar, Large 36 by 48-Inch, Birch

When gauging how long lasting a dog bed is, looking at the design is also a must. What makes this dog bed distinct from other products in the market is the fact that it is water resistant. Perhaps the best thing about this dog bed is the reversible cover.

Cleaning this dog bed is not too difficult since it can be machine washed. Manufacturers claim that this is a heavy duty dog bed designed for large canines. Elderly dogs and those with joint problems would feel at ease with this mattress.

When it comes to choosing a bed for your canines, you want something that your dogs would love to spend time in. This dog bed is a hit among Labradors and you wouldn’t go broke when you purchase it.

Things we like…

Price is one of the strongest selling points of this product
A lot of dogs love to nap on this bed
Ned is huge enough to accommodate large canines
Possible Cons…

The zipper was not too sturdy
Heavy chewers can tear this bed apart
Some customers noticed that the cushioning collapsed in just a few months

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed

As the name implies, this dog bed is shaped like a bagel. While most dog beds come in a rectangular shape, this one is a posh sleeping pod. Since it comes in different sizes, it can accommodate different dog breeds.

The smallest size for this dog bed is 24 inches meant for Shih Tzu and Beagles and the like while the biggest size is 52 inches and it can accommodate German Shepherds.

best dog beds for labs

Based on the size chart provided by the manufacturer, the ideal size for Labradors is the Large 40 -inch bed. Aside from providing plenty of support for your canine, this dog bed can withstand the weight of your pet.

As far as aesthetics is concerned, this also happened to be a good pick. The shape and the color of the bed look perfect, especially in a contemporary home. The based is waterproof and heavy duty too.

Things we like…

  • Easy to assemble
  • Allows your dog to stretch out and curl up
  • Good quality for its price

Possible Cons…

  • Bed had a strong smell, washing is necessary to remove the chemical residue
  • Some dog broke the bed in a week’s time
  • Customer complaints on the inferior quality of newly shipped items

Armarkat Pet Bed Mat, Ivory

The Armarkat brand is known for providing good quality products for cats. The cat trees from this manufacturer are quite popular too. This time, the company decided to make a product for dogs.

This pet bed mat comes with likable qualities that most Labrador owners are looking for. It is water resistant and durable enough to withstand the weight of these large dogs.

The poly filling provides comfort for canines and helps support the weight of heavyweights.

Things we like…

  • Easy to put together
  • Ideal for dogs that are not comfortable with the memory foam
  • Cover is top quality

Possible Cons…

  • Makes a crackling sound making pets think it is a toy
  • Chewers can destroy this bed
  • Some buyers expressed concern over product quality


If value for money, quality, and support is what you are looking for in a dog bed, Dogbed4less is the right choice.

The price for this dog bed is not too steep and you do not have to worry about the health of your canine’s joints. Labradors take to this bed right away and it provides them with a cozy haven

If you can not afford one, DIY dog bed is a great option.

Washing the dog bed before using is a must so you can get rid of the chemical smell. This could prevent dyes from staining the floor too. Aside from that slight inconvenience, Labrador owners and their pets love this dog bed.

Giving your buddies best dog supplies is one of many ways to show your big love to them!

Please keep in mind that with the above opinions, all of those come from my own experience. There are still some exceptions for some specific dogs. Consult your local vet for more information if your dogs are not in general cases

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