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5 Super Easy and Cheap DIY Dog Bed Ideas

Your dog deserves a comfortable place to sleep just like you do. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to buy one. If you have enough free time, and you are looking for your next pet project, homemade dog beds could be the next item on your list.


Before finding what that 5 tips really are, you may want to have a look at these rules of thumb about how to create a super cool dog bed suggested by DoggySnooze:

Homemade dog bed ideas

Now let's find out some unique and easy-to-do ideas for your canine’s next sleeping area:

Sweatshirt Dog Bed


Almost anyone owns a sweatshirt.  Sweatshirts are versatile to wear and can be recycled in many ways, such as a bed for your dog. So you can have the perfect excuse to purge your closet of old ones without feeling guilty.

Look for a fluffy pillow in the house and your sewing kit to get started on making this doggie heaven. Search for used clothes and other scraps you can use to stuff the area surrounding the pillow.

Homemade dog bed ideas


  • Sew the collar from the inside but leave a small opening.
  • Next, you need to sew the sleeves to the side.
  • Stuff the sleeves with pieces of cloth and place a pillow in the bigger opening
  • Once you’ve stuffed the bed with enough pillows and pieces of cloth, sew the bottom part of the sweatshirt
  • Right after that, sew the cuffs together. You can use for a piece of cloth to cover the part with the stitches.

This sweatshirt bed is perfect for smaller dogs, and it could put your used clothes and pillows to good use. Since this dog bed is easy to make, you can just spend one afternoon to get this homemade project completed. You’ll create a great bed for your favorite pet, and you can save money too.

Recycled Tire Dog Bed


What should you do when you have a tire in the garage and a dog looking for a good place to rest? Those two things make a good pair - you can transform your old tire into a dog bed with just a few modifications.

Remember to clean the tire. If that tire has been sitting outside or in the garage for months, it’s certainly covered with dust and, of course, filth from when it was still an “active” tire. When the tire is gleaming clean, let it dry.

Homemade dog bed ideas


  • Grab a can of spray paint and unleash the creative genius in you. You can paint the tire with any color - it’s all up to you.
  • It would also be a good idea to get some furniture sliders and stick them on the bottom of the tire so that you won’t damage your floor from the paint job.
  • Look for a round dog bed preferably one with a washable cover and stuff it inside the tire. In most cases, the 34-inch dog bed is all you’ll need for this.
  • If you want the dog bed to look more like a bed, you can also cut off a part of the tire to create an opening. Once everything’s ready, just do the paint job, stuff the cushion, and voila!

Old Stool Dog Bed


Do you have a stool with an iconic pattern? If that piece of furniture is just taking up space in your house and the upholstery is no longer redeemable, it’s time to give it a new purpose. Why don’t you let your pet have it?

The piece of neglected furniture can be transformed into a posh dog bed. You need to clean up your stool before everything else. Turn it upside down –your stool’s feet will not serve as a bed post.

Homemade dog bed ideas


Depending on how the sofa looks like, you can choose the best paint color and design to give it a new life. Painting the stool can be an excellent activity, and it could unleash your creativity too.

While waiting for the paint to dry, you should look for a pillow or a cushion which would fit the hollow area of the stool. After making sure the paint is dry, stuff the pillow on the space and you would have a dog bed fit for royalty specially made for your pet.

Suitcase Dog Bed


One common item at home which is hard to get rid of is an old suitcase. If you’ve done your fair share of travelling, your suitcase is probably sporting battle scars from various trips.

Those old and battered suitcases can still find a new purpose – as your dog’s new bed. If you have an especially durable and sturdy suitcase, it could be the perfect item you need to give your dog a new place to sleep comfortably.

Homemade dog bed ideas


Take out your old suitcase and clean it up if it has already gathered a lot of dust. Spend a few minutes figuring out how the top and bottom half are connected. 

You will only need the bottom part of the suitcase so unscrew or break the hinge connecting the two portions – this is probably the most difficult part of the process.

Once you have the bottom part successfully detached, take out a pillow and cover it with sham. Place the pillow inside the suitcase. Don’t forget to tuck in the corners so that your dog bed looks neat.

Drawer Dog Bed


homemade dog bed ideas

Are you planning to throw out some furniture because it’s just taking too much space or there has been too much damage on the item?

If there are some cabinets on the list of items you are throwing away, find a drawer in the best condition and keep it for a pet project.


First, using Shellac or spray paint, you can put the drawer to good use. Before everything else, make sure the drawer has no rough edges which could hurt your pet.

Next, it’s time to give the drawer a new look. The area open area will serve as your dog’s entrance door, so once you have painted the drawer, all that’s left to do is find a cushion or pillow.

You can do pretty much the same thing with a baby crib, just cut off the stand and your dog will have a new bed made just for it.

If you don’t have much furniture at home, maybe you have a galvanized tub not being put to good use. Just clean up and repaint the tank, so it doesn’t look too shabby next to your furniture. When you are done repainting, find the perfect cushion or pillow and stuff it inside.


Homemade dog bed ideas

With a bit of time and creativity, there are so many things you can do with a few old things at home. When you have lovely dogs at home, you have every reason to look for innovative ways to give your pets some luxuries without spending a lot of money. As long as you have the right tools, you can have a new dog bed in just a few minutes.

Creating your dog bed by yourself would be a cool project even if your dog is tailing you while you are trying to prepare the newest addition to your pet’s furniture collection. By doing these things yourself, you can save money for other needs and get rid of several items you don’t need at home. And do not forget to clean your dog bed regularly. This will help to keep your home from uncomfortable smell.

Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to make a dog bed you and your pet would love.

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