How To Clean Dog Bed?

If you are searching for how to clean dog bed or any similar key phrase, you know by now that you need to clean your canine’s beddings too. Just like people, your dog’s sleeping area will smell and become a haven for bacteria if you do not practice proper hygiene. Here’s a list of the most common questions you need to answer about your doggie’s dog bed.

Why Your Dog Beds Need Regular Cleaning?

Did you know that bacteria, virus, and parasites can cling on to your dog’s bed for a year? Yes, these organisms can stay active and they can infect you even if they do not have a host. Your dogs are not the only ones who will be in danger, you are too.

When you play with your dog, you can be infected with these organisms. Even if your dog does not exhibit signs of illness, they might be carriers of bacteria or viruses which can make you sick.

The Myth of Vacuuming Doggie’s Bed

The good, trusty vacuum may be the first thing you think of when you have to clean your canine’s bed, but it’s not enough. Sure, you can use the vacuum to remove fur stuck on the bed. However, this is not enough.

If your dog bed is covered by a sheet, you need to change the cover weekly. Doing this is the most effective way to kill the microbes stuck on doggie’s bed.

While vacuuming might not be totally effective in getting rid of microbes, it would be best to remove dog hair from your dog’s bed before washing. Dog hair clings on wet fabric and removing it after washing the dog bed can be more time-consuming.

how to clean dog bed

How Should You Clean Your Dog Bed?

how to clean dog bed
Most dog beds come with instructions. Be sure to read what the manufacturer has to say on the proper way to wash the bed. Right after your dog bed has been delivered, washing the item before allowing your dog to have access to its new sleeping mattress is ideal. You need to remove the chemicals on the bed, after all.

Remove the fur

how to clean dog bed
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Now that you have removed most of the fur from the bed, it’s time to do the laundry. You need to wash everything in the dog bed.

As noted above, you need to wash the dog bed once a week. If you are pressed for time, you can do it once every two weeks but nothing more. However, if you have an active dog and a pet that sheds a lot, you need to wash the beddings twice a week.

Use the right settings on the washing machine

You will need bleach and a detergent when you are washing a dog bed. It would be convenient if there is a thermometer in your washing machine. It would be best to set the temperature to 140 degrees Fahrenheit when you are washing your canine’s sheets.

If there is no way to know the temperature you are using when washing the dog bed, opt for the highest temperature. Of course, you also need to read the manufacturer’s notes on proper washing to make sure the fabric can stand this.

Remove stains

If there are stains on your dog’s bed, you can also use a stain remover. As noted above, be sure to refer to the washing instructions by the manufacturer so you will not damage the fabric.


When you are done washing the dog bed together with your canine’s blankets and bed cover, it’s time to use the dryer.

Choose the setting with the highest temperature for this process. Heat helps kill microbes which are present in the dog bed. By choosing the setting with the highest temperature, you can kill most microorganisms in your dog’s bed.

If you are not keen on using a dryer, air drying doggie’s bed is also an option. Just be sure that you are hanging the bed to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Look for a place where the dog bed gets some sunlight. Remember, the sun is one of the best antibacterial agents out there and this can help kill microbes in doggie’s bed.

how to clean dog bed

If there are foam inserts in your dog bed, squeeze out the extra water. Air drying is the best thing for these materials. As noted above, use the sun’s natural heat to remove microbes from the dog bed.

For large foam inserts, you will need a hose. Hose down the dog bed before pouring the soap. You can dilute soap in warm water and use it to wash the dog bed. If you are not too keen on placing the dog bed out in your yard or driveway, you can place it in the bathtub.

You can stomp on the dog bed so the soap can seep into your doggie’s mattress. Rinse the dog bed thoroughly and be air dry. It may take more than a day before your dog bed dries totally, so you may want to look for a makeshift dog bed for the time being.

Before You Buy a Dog Bed

Cleaning your dog bed is not too different from washing your sheets. While you can never run away from regularly washing your pet’s sleeping paraphernalia, you can always make the process easier.

The best way to avoid having a difficult time washing dog beds is to find a product that would be easy to clean.

how to clean dog bed

Among the biggest mistakes pet owners make when shopping for a dog bed is looking at the equipment’s appearance, not the features. Some people will succumb to the temptation of purchasing a dog bed. Read the washing instructions and look for one that you can machine wash.

There may be other factors to consider when you are shopping for a dog bed but always remember to check the washing instructions. It would be your responsibility to wash the dog bed regularly.

Precautionary Measures

Contact with your pet and the dog bed is something that you cannot avoid. After all, you need to do a lot of cleaning. Playing with your pet will necessarily result to touching too. Hence, you need to wash your hands right after interacting with your pet. When cleaning your dog’s mess, always use gloves for protection.

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