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Healthy Tips: Why Is My Dog Not Eating?

Sometimes, dogs refuse food. It may be due to a medical or behavioral reason. Whatever the case may be, dog owners who realize their pet did not touch today’s meal will feel alarmed, especially when they have a healthy eater on their hands.

If you can’t trick your dog to eat anything, you should drop by the vet’s office. As for the most significant question we all have, Dr. Lou Budik of Transit Valley Animal Hospital has an answer. According to the vet, healthy dogs and cats can last “three, four, five days without eating, many even longer than that.”

Food is not the main issue, but water is. If your dog is not eating or drinking water, it can be a big problem. If your dog has a medical condition such as a kidney problem, you need to take your pet to the vet right away. These dogs have an immediate need for medical attention due to their illness.

If your dog is not acting excited about feeding time, you can follow these steps.

Without Eating