Is Lipstick Bad for Dogs?

Lipsticks are purse staples. Most women keep this handy piece of cosmetic with them all the time. Playing with your face is not the only thing you can do with lipstick. Some people have this wacky idea of doing their dog or cat’s face. Is lipstick bad for dogs?

Putting lipstick on your dog’s face could be one of the hilarious things you ever did. The sight of your dog with your favorite lippies is funny. Some pet owners enjoy a good laugh over their dog’s lipstick, others wonder if it is safe.

Dogs and Red Lips

As stated above, there are times when you just feel tempted to color doggy’s puckers. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about. The regular lipstick is not toxic to dogs or to cats. A swipe or two will not put your pet’s health in jeopardy.

If your pet became too excited about its makeover and ate a tube of your lipstick, there is no need to worry. Although lipstick is meant to be applied, not eaten, it will not be deadly to your pet. Your pet might vomit or suffer from diarrhea after feasting on your lippies but that’s it! You might not see any other side effects on your pet’s health.

While you can give your pet some syrup or tablet to ease their upset stomach, you can also visit your vet. Depending on the actual situation of your pet, your dog’s doctor is the best person to ask for advice. This is particularly useful when your pet is prone to certain allergies.

is lipstick bad for dogs

What’s In Your Lipstick?

Lipsticks are not new inventions. They have been around for thousands of years. This simply means that women, even in the ancient times, placed a premium value on beauty. How safe is your lipstick?

This question is one of the most common queries that women have all over the world. A study by the University of California, Berkeley looked into the ingredients of 32 popular lipstick brands. The study found that some lipsticks contain heavy metals. In the course of the day, a woman can ingest her lipstick. This could result in taking in excess chemicals than the daily recommended amount.

What chemicals are in your lipstick? Here are some of the heavy metals that the researchers found in common lipstick brands:

  • Aluminum
  • Cadmium
  • Lead

Whether it is for you or your pet, it is important to research your beauty products. Since the market for cosmetics remains unregulated, many harmful chemicals make it into your makeup and your lipstick.

Although there could be no outright effects, the accumulation of these metals can cause adverse effects on your health. Constantly exposing your canine to the same chemicals can also harm them.

is lipstick bad for dogs

What Heavy Metals Can Do Harm To Your Dog

The lipstick, itself, is not the main danger but your dog’s ingestion of harmful metals. We will discuss how metals found in lipstick can harm your favorite pet.


Although aluminum is one of the most abundant elements on the planet, it is unsafe once you ingest it. In accumulated amounts, aluminum can cause make allergies worse and make you prone to various diseases. Aluminum can affect the pituitary glands and in huge quantities, it can impair your mental capacity.

In dogs, lipstick is not the main source of aluminum but water and food. Pregnant dogs should minimize exposure to aluminum as it can threaten the life of the unborn dog.


Cadmium can be highly carcinogenic and it can damage the bones, lungs, and kidney. People who are exposed to this element often suffer from organ failure.

Studies reveal that younger animals tend to absorb more cadmium than their adult counterpart. This element also makes it difficult for dogs to absorb vital minerals.

is lipstick bad for dogs


Lead is present almost everywhere. Exposure to this element is most common in dogs that live outdoors. Dogs that chew on batteries, remote controls, and golf balls can ingest a fair amount of this element.

The body can usually metabolize lead. Lead accumulation can lead to cancer. Since lead interferes with iron metabolism, it can cause anemia in dogs and in humans. It would take years of exposure to experience the ill-effects of lead. However, when toxicity sets in the affected organism can suffer from organ failure and it can be lethal.

Final Thoughts

Dogs may be playful pets but we, humans, can even be naughtier. A tube of lipstick which is meant for use to improve a person’s appearance can end up in a dog’s face. While this is all in the name of fun, it is important to know if it can harm your pets.

Always keep in mind that allowing your dog to chew on anything not food can be harmful. Although there are some dogs that seem to love chewing anything, and everything in their path, you should not tolerate this behavior.

Lipstick is not bad for doggy but allowing your dog free access to your cosmetics can increase their exposure to heavy metals. This could harm their health in the long run.

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