How To Get Rid Of Dog Hair? Learn These 5 Quick And Easy Tips

Hair is a big part of the problem when you have a dog at home. No matter how much you groom or wash your dog, there will always be hair all over your house. Unless your dog sheds off all its hair, it would be impossible to avoid getting hair on your floor or your furniture. Any dog owner can relate to this struggle.

Now, it’s time to address this cleaning challenge –how can you get rid of dog hair. Here are some practical tips to make house cleaning easier.


1. Sprinkle Baking Soda on a Carpeted Floor 

how to get rid of dog hair

Baking soda should always be in your kitchen cupboard. One hack to loosen the animal hair on your carpets and rugs is to sprinkle baking soda first. This also comes with the added benefit of deodorizing your carpet.

Leave baking soda for at least fifteen minutes. You can leave it longer if you want to. Baking soda will try to remove the unwanted smell and you can rake in dog hair with a rubber broom.

While cleaning your rug or carpet, focused on the edge or corner which is darker than anywhere else. This area has a huge buildup of animal hair which you need to clean right away.

2. Use a Lint Roller on Furniture and Carpets

how to get rid of dog hair

Dog hair sticks to everything in the living room. It is easy to spot a cluster of dog hair on a carpeted floor or on a rug. It’s also quite reasonable to expect a generous amount of doggie hair on your furniture. Luckily, you don’t have to take hair out one by one from your carpet. You need an extra sticky lint roller for that.

Lint rollers are a must have when you have dogs at home. Lint rollers are great especially if you are extra attentive to how your clothes look. Lint rollers for clothes are even more necessary when you interact with pets unless you want to have dog hair all over a dark colored shirt.

In the same way lint rollers remove dog hair from your clothes, you can also use it to clean your home. It would be handy to have a cleaning roller to remove dog hair from carpets. This makes cleaning easier and less frustrating since dog hair sticks to the roller.

If you are particularly conscious about hair getting on your clothes, here’s a quick hack.

  • Add a liquid softener to your washes
  • Use a dryer ball
  • Throw clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet and leave it on for 10 minutes

3. Find a Vacuum Cleaner Designed for Pet Hair

When it comes to cleaning after your pets, a good vacuum cleaner is a valuable investment. Some vacuum cleaners are not designed for animal hair. You need a highly portable vacuum cleaner –one you can use for hard to clean nooks and crannies in your home.

It’s rare to find a vacuum advertised exclusively for dog hair although dog owners have some favorites based on their reviews.

One thing to consider is the Shark Rotator Vacuum. This everyday tool is less expensive than branded vacuum cleaners but it gets the job done. Maintaining this tool is easy and it is light enough to make cleaning less burdensome. If you have some cash to burn, and you want a tool that would last for years to come –you need a Dyson.​

Dyson vacuum cleaners have incomparable vacuum power which makes it among the top recommendations of pet owners. This tool is worth investing in since it can remove dirt and hair on your carpet and upholstery. The tangle–free turbine also makes this tool easier to manage. This cleaning tool comes with a hefty price tag although it can deliver.​

When you are using a vacuum cleaner on a carpeted floor, run the cleaning tool twice in opposite directions. This makes cleaning more effective since it loosens up the hairs. The vacuum cleaner is not the best tool for a laminate, bare of hardwood floor since it blows hair around.​

4. Get Yourself a Rubber Broom

If you have visited a doggie day care center, you might have noticed the kind of broom those establishments have. That rubber broom should be in your list of dog hair cleaning supplies. Whether you have a carpeted floor or a tiled one, this can work wonders in gathering dog hair in one place. These things often come with long handles so it is easier to remove doggie hair while you are standing.

how to get rid of dog hair

This item is probably in your local hardware. The best thing about this item is that this is not just for doggie hair, it is also the perfect tool for performing other cleaning tasks around the house.​

5. Remove Dog Hair on Non –Upholstered Furniture with a Microfiber Rug

Did you know microfiber cloth has a unique electrostatic charge which attracts dog hair?

It does! In fact, this is the reason why a lot of cleaning materials these days use microfiber cloth. Cleaning your home does not just involve the floors. It includes your furniture too. If you want to remove as much dog hair on your glass or wood furniture, a microfiber cloth is the easiest to use.

how to get rid of dog hair

​Your microfiber cloth should be slightly wet before you use it to wipe your furniture. The downside in using a microfiber cloth is that you would have to change it often. A lot of dog hair sticks to this cloth, so using it over and over is necessary. There are also microfiber mops that work best on hardwood and bare floors.

For your upholstered furniture, a lint roller or vacuum cleaner would be the easiest cleaning tool. If you don’t want to use something else other than the items mentioned above, you can use a rubber glove or a clean sponge. To make dog hair come up, rub your item of choice along the upholstered furniture.

You can also combine water and fabric softener and wipe it off your furniture. This can help get rid of the smell at the same time.​

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