7 Things You Must Know About What To Feed Pit Bulls

Classified as a large dog breed, Pit bulls are not picky eaters. In fact, these canines would gobble up whatever you decide to place in their bowl. What pit bull owners need to realize is the fact that these dogs have certain nutritional requirements which are not similar to other dog breeds. What To Feed … Read more

Dog Teeth Extraction Recovery: 6 Things You Need To Know

There are cases where your dog needs to undergo tooth extraction. This is necessary to promote your canine’s overall health. However, this also means that you need to do the right aftercare. Various gum and dental problems would lead to the need for teeth to be pulled out to avoid infection. If this is the … Read more

What Foods Shih Tzus Can’t Eat?

It might seem that asking what foods Shih Tzus can’t eat is the same as foods other dogs cannot consume but in fact, Shih Tzus have a variety of health concerns and some of them are lessened by using the right diet. Foods All Dogs Should NOT Be Given Chocolate – the darker, the more … Read more

Dog Collar Versus Harness: Which Is The Better Choice?

Many dog owners, even those who had their pets for years, are still confused whether they should use dog collars or harnesses. The dog collar versus harness debate got more attention recently as the movement for eradicating dog collars became more aggressive. While both sides have supporters and benefits, a responsible dog owner should weigh … Read more

Are Dog Diapers a Good Idea?

Before asking if dog diapers are a good idea, you might well ask- “What are dog diapers?” They are a nappy similar to a one for a human child but with a hole for the tail. And with the following information you will get a YES for the question “Are dog diapers a good idea?” … Read more

Tips on Choosing Food For Dogs With A Sensitive Digestion System

It is very surprising how many dogs have a sensitive digestion system. Some have a simple intolerance of certain foods. Some have actual allergies and of these, there are dozens of causes and dozens of ways that the allergy affects the dog. You should be careful when using food for dogs with a sensitive digestion … Read more

The Truth About Dog Pregnancy and How Long Are Dogs Pregnant

The short answer to the question “How long are dogs pregnant?” is 63 days but this is divided into specific sections. Dog pregnancy is better explained if you understand how the whole process takes effect. The mating or matings have taken place and the process begins 96 hours there are 2 cells 120 hours – … Read more

How To Train A Corgi Puppy Like A Professional Dog Trainer?

The answer to the question “Are there some good tips on how to train a corgi puppy?” is probably going to be ‘Yes’ and to the question asking how soon to start the training, the answer is immediately. Corgis are intelligent dogs who need to know the rules of the house. They come into the … Read more

Are Havanese Hard to Potty Train? 3 Crazy Facts You Need to Know

Do you have a Havanese toy dog? These small longhaired dogs are real charmers. With their adorable appearance and playful temperament, they seem to be the perfect pets. Are-Havanese-Hard-to-Potty-Train-15While these dogs are highly trainable, potty training is hard to teach to these canines. It’s possible that you have been to many forums to ask –are … Read more